Hey, Medicine is just so awesome that it makes us too passionate about it! =)

We never doubt the fact that medicine is painfully difficult but how come we got outstanding doctors out there? They must have been facing same things like we do, so no pressure LOL


So, it has been a very great pleasure for me to introduce a blog of mine, dedicating in sharing any knowledges that related in medical studies – Anatomy, Histology, Physiology, Biochemistry, Molecular Medicine, Microbiology, Parasitology, Virology, Pathology and Pharmacology.

Having this blog is one of the best ways I could possibly think off as it gives me a virtual medium to share and to discuss with all of my friends who are in medical fields; Medicine, Pharmacy, Dietetic and Physiotherapy. This is the least I could do and I’m having my greatest hope of making this blog as a platform for us to enthuse our knowledges for our future career.

I’m still learning and for that I’m not immune to any mistakes or misunderstandings; we can discuss and learn through it and try to make things simple (even if it is in fact that medics won’t never be able to be simplified) or perhaps make it to be interesting to learn and more importantly to understand from its core.

With that, I don’t want to mumble too much about things less important, so let us get down to business guys. Let us discuss and learn new things from this humble blog. Feel free to leave comments and suggestions, I’m immune to critics by the way lol. Thanks again for supporting me =)

Best regards

Zaid Caliph


4 responses to “Hey, Medicine is just so awesome that it makes us too passionate about it! =)

  1. i just want to ask 1 question to you..it might be easy for u but its a little bit confusing to me..why when we give the patient salbutamol inhaler is not adequate to ahiceve good control of asthma? (her doctor suggest to her a new inhaler to treat underlying airway inflammation.)

    • Sure =) Actually, you just bare in mind that asthmatic attack is leading towards numerous pathological conditions isnt it? Bronchoconstriction, increased inflammatory actions and respiratory acidosis. Therefore, in order to control this asthma, one drug should not be enough, so we give numerous drug combination to control asthma. Salbutamol, methylxanthine as bronchodilator and hydrocortisone as antiinflammatory drug. Plus the fact that, salbutamol can only be used during acute attack, it cant be used for prophylaxis (prevention) therapy cause salbutamol has potential to cardiac arrhythmias.. I hope i have answered your question =)

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