Histology of Platelets |Histology|


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Ok, I do realize it has been a lot of Histology thingy going on recently, but hey guys, Histology is the basis of medicine – we don’t have choice but to understand it in detail.
Right, enough with the talk, lets us get this thing done. Today we gonna discuss on Histology of Platelets.


1) Smooth disk in shape
2) Plasmalemma containing complex receptors and thick glycocalyx (sticky material) for adhesion
3) They are fragments of giant cells called Megakaryocytes
4) Anuclear
+Complex cytoskeletons
+Glycogen granules
+Golgi elements
+Numerous numbers of enzymes for
-Aerobic respiration
-Anaerobic respiration
6) Has 2 distinctive regions of:-
+Dense central region called Granulomere, containing :-
– 4 types of granules :-
+Alpha granule
-Coagulation factors
+Gamma/dense granule
+Lambda granule/Lysosome
-Lysosomal enzyme such as acid hydrolase
+Light peripheral region of Hyalomere, containing
-Bundles of marginal microtubule – maintain platelet morphology
7) Function in hemostasis

1) Huge polyploidy cells
2) Located at the red marrow
3) Dispersed chromatin
4) No nucleoli
5) Having basophilic granules, stained blue by hematoxylin
6) Its cytoplasmic blebs give rise to platelets

Thrombocytes/platelets formation is called as Thrombocytopoeisis. It takes place at the red marrow and control by hormone called Thrombopoeitin released by the liver. Below is the simplified diagram on how Platelet is produced :-

Pluripotent Heamopoeitic Stem Cell –> CFU-S –>CFU-Meg–> Megakaryoblast –> Promegakaryocyte –> Metamegakaryocyte –> Megakaryocyte –> Platelets

Those are pretty much about thrombocytes/platelets.
Later we will go in detail for Leukocytes.

Till then, thanks!! =)


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