Why Oncologist?

You are thinking of doing your specialist after this? Yes Dr, I would like to do so, obviously the route is still farther ahead, but I do have in mind to do specialization after this MBBS. In what field Zaid? Oncology Dr. Owh, it is hard, honestly it is one of the hardest fields in medicine. So, would you like to tell me why it has to be Oncology?

I was kept in silence for a moment.

Do you know that how many cancer patients are able to survive in their battle against this cruel disease? Do you know how much it suffers the patient; even the strongest man standing will fall on his knees by cancer in a split of a second? Do you know how much this disease has claimed million lives and the number is still counting until today? Do you ever realise that there is no absolute therapy to cure this disease? Have you ever ask yourself how does people with cancer went thru their days with hope and courage? Have you ever put yourself in their shoes, trying to feel and live like they live every day and night? We face death even before we see it. We know that the patient would die even how hard you have tried and how hard the patient fight to win over the battle. So why you choose this path? Why you want to be an Oncologist like I do Zaid?

Cause we can’t lose hope. We can never lose hope, even the world is torn apart, we can’t lose hope. If the cancer patient can still stand fighting for their lives every day, why should we ever walk away? It is not just about treating or healing the cancer, but it is about hope that we put in it. It is not about whether we can or we cannot, but it is about how we do it, how we give chance for them to believe there’s still life despite of the cruelty that is tormenting them day and night.  Dr, I do strongly believe in a second chance, and I also believe miracles are there for us to grab. To make them believe that life is a journey, regardless long or short, moments that we embraced are matter the most. Hence, even if we have lost the battle, tears that will shed are not of guilty, but of love. Have I given the right reason?

Yes, you surely did Zaid

For everything that I am, for everything that I have and for anything that I will become; is the blessing of her priceless love


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